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IASTM Tools for Myofascial Pain

#1 Graston Tools Alternative: IASTM = Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

3 Series to Choose From

  American Made & Worry-Free Lifetime Warranty


G+ Series G+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative

G+ Series Full Clinic Set - $279

(other combination sets start at only $195)

The G+ Series is designed as a high quality alternative to the traditional Graston Tools of twenty years ago. For clinics & educational institutions that utilize the No. 1 through No. 6 profiles and prefer protocol consistency between practitioners.

The G+ offers all six Graston tool single bevel profiles in three tools. Besides the fact that combining the profiles makes for more efficient use of tools- less switching/cleaning- it makes the cost to expand the use traditional profiles in clinics much less.

G+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative


R+ Series R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative

Ultimate 5 Piece IASTM Set - $299

(other combinations sets start at only $99)

The R+ Series is designed around the red grip handles. It makes sense for IASTM tools that are supposed to relieve the stress in your hands when performing soft tissue work to be easy to hold and manipulate in your hands!

The R+ sets offer the most value and satisfies the majority needs of soft tissue professionals and self-care enthusiasts alike. The higher production and sales volume of Red+ Series instruments allows Myo-Bar to offer these American made sets at an incredible price.

G+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative


Healing Edge Series Complete Clinic Set - Healing Edge Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative

Complete Clinic Set III - $399

(other combination sets start at only $295)

The Healing Edge Series are designed for advanced-level soft tissue practitioners who demand absolutely the best professional instruments for daily integration of IASTM techniques on the widest variety of myofascial conditions seen in clinical practice.

The Healing Edge Profiles (I, II, & III) highlight unique approaches and personal preferences in IASTM application. For practitioners that want all the “bells and whistles.” Spend a little time and learn if the finest myofascial tools made anywhere in the world are right for you.

G+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative

I'm Dr. Matt Hajzl, the lucky guy in this picture. I run my business with the help of my family and employees here in the heartland of Wisconsin. All of the IASTM tools you see on this site evolved over 20 years with the helpful input of clinicians and self-care enthusiasts all over the world. MyoBar profiles, ergonomic comfort, and edge geometry are the best there is, and this translates to better results when treating and preventing soft tissue injuries with manual therapies. I'm willing to prove this claim with a "Try Before You Buy" promotion, which is available for all purchases above $150 (including custom combinations). Take your time deciding which products work best for your needs and feel free to contact me anytime for guidance.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

I've been using the Myo-Bar tools for 2 years now and love them. They are sturdy, precision crafted and very comfortable in the hands. They've held up to rigorous daily use in the office and deliver the objective results my patients seek. Thanks again, Dr. Matt!

~ Dr. Dan Shuman, FX Chiropractic & Performance LLC

Working with Dr. Matt and finding the correct Myo-Bar to fit my needs was wonderful. He is very knowledgeable of his products and offering guidance on how to properly heal any situation you may be going through. I'll be using this tool daily with self massage techniques to heal my high hamstring injury.

~ Marcie, CPT HangTight with Marcie

Myobar's tools give the user great therapeutic options. The clinical and organizational thinking behind the tool design is inspiring. Perfect for working with the football players I handle, but can be used as a manual therapy tools in a casual manner on every patient. highly recommend.

~ Shai Ben Shimol, Physiotherapist