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About Us

Dr. Matt

Dr. Matt has been in practice as a chiropractor & soft tissue specialist since 1999. Designing and improving myofascial tools for clinical practice began as a hobby in 2001 and, due to interest from colleagues, went online as a "Myo-Bar" in 2010. Besides spending time with his wife and two daughters, he enjoys building projects, nature, and reading.

Casey Cano

Casey Cano is our lead instrument fabricator, who's eye for detail and dedication to quality work has assured the best IASTM tools in the industry for our company. In fact, he is often referred to as our tool making "Ninja". When he's not grinding and finishing, he's taking care of his seven kids.

Sally Cano

Sally Cano is a massage therapist and technical genius. She takes care of all things having to do with our website, in addition to customer service... and just about anything else that's involved in running a small business. Outside of work, Sally enjoys kayaking and spending time with her dog Nahla.

Paul Linskens

Paul Linskens is our fabricator with an exacting mind- he has cataloged every detail of his production techniques in many pages of a scientific notebook that he totes to work. When he's not making metal dust, he enjoys organic gardening and forestry conservation.