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All Tools and Sets

You may order an individual tool, which comes with a single tool tray, or create your own custom set by adding individual tools to the cart. Unless you specify that you would like individual trays, we will make a custom sanitary/organizational tray for you. This custom tray will fit the large zipper case.  All custom sets are eligible to for the Try Before You Buy Promotion (see link on top navigation bar for more info).

S Tools For Small Anatomical Targets

Our S tools are designed to be easy to manipulate in "the pen hold" where the balance point sits on the middle finger and the index finger has a place to rest. This allows more focused control and less practitioner hand fatigue when performing short 1-2" strokes.

M Tools For Medium Anatomical Targets

Our M tools are designed to be comfortable to maneuver in the "knife hold" with a secure grip. All handles have balance points and finger rests that naturally fits your hand so you don't need to resort to an uncomfortable "pinch grasp" needed to hold typical "scanner" and "boomerang" profiles common to Graston type tools.

Bars For Large Anatomical Targets

Our L tools all have the a large radius barrel edge for deep fascial release in additional to the traditional edges. Our handles are "strait" vs "angled" so as to keep the wrists in a safe neutral position during use. The handles also feature finger scallops for balance and secure grip. The Advanced Practice Bars have a "tendon notch" which relieves pressure when working into the Achilles, Hamstrings, and IT Band.

Specialty IASTM Tools

The Classic Trigger Point Geometry is essential to working behind the scapula, deep into the calf (or any muscle belly), or when traditional IASTM edges are too sharp for therapy (anterior neck, inguinal ligament, subscapularis). It expands the range and success of IASTM soft tissue treatment. The other specialty tools have their niche as well. Find out more about them by visiting their product pages.

Healing Edge Combination Sets

The most advanced ergonomic profiles for health professionals. One of our most common questions is, which is better- the M2 or M3. Well they are booth excellent. The M2 has perfect symmetry when switching between traditional and large radius edges. The M3 has a more aggressive traditional edge with tissue reliefs. If you see yourself using the LRE's more often for deep fascial release (like I do) go with the M2. If you practice traditional IASTM technique the M3 is the top of the line.

R+ Series Combination Sets

We are trying to steer self-care enthusiasts and part-time health practitioners who want larger sets to the R+ Series. You get all the standard IASTM profiles, scaled properly in S, M, & L instruments with the benefit of the Red Grip handles. When you want affordability & comfort with no sacrifice in quality The R+ Series is ideal.

G+ Series Combination Sets

These are ergonomically improved single edge traditional instruments that combine the 6 Graston profiles into 3 tools. It makes sense for continuity of care for clinics to have the same style instruments. However, if you are an individual practitioner not needing to adhere to institutional protocol... both the R+ and Healing Edge Series have additional features worth considering.

Basic 3 In 1 Sets

Students and athletes should consider the 3-in-1 Sets. The 3-in-1 is sized between our Small and Medium tools to give you the most versatility in a single edge tool. Remember you can do a whole lot more self treatment when you have a Trigger Point Tool. The other point I would add is that the Original MyoBar is much easier to use for self-care, especially when reaching around the back and behind the leg.

Gua Sha Combination Sets

The GS stands in for the Medium tools. Inspired by an ancient design the GS is favored by some TCM and massage practitioners. Why not extend the range and effectiveness of your Instrument Techniques with additional MyoBar tools in a Fusion set?