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The dual edges are awesome. But mostly I love how comfortable it is to hold. These tools are extremely well crafted.

Matthew PerryDC, LMT

Very helpful information regarding tool purchase, use, techniques and tips.

Doug Stelling

​Excellent quality instrument , very happy customer..:)

LynseyIASTM Practitioner

I have purchased about 6 different configurations of the Myo-Bar instruments; on selected clients with either specific fascial restrictions or ischemic soft tissue areas, I find the Myo-Bars extremely effective. One of the main advantages of using the various instruments is that feedback resonance from the medical grade stainless steel is far superior to manual feedback; the Myo-Bars also allow leverage and pressure without tiring and damaging your hands. The Myo-Bars are well made, ergonomic and effective on selected clients. The Myo-Bars were shipped with good quality, attractive, protective pouches, which has keep the instruments in good order when not in use.

Byron SmithLMT

I have had other tools. They never quite felt comfortable in my hands. My wrists seemed to be at awkward angles. These tools have saved my joints and gives me the ability to get deeper is some difficult places. I love my tools!


Thanks, these bars make my job much easier as they are great quality and well made with excellent results. On every treatment clients reported excellent results.

Stephen RileyIASTM Practitioner

​I have been using Myo-bar tools since 2011 and they have always been a pleasure to use. I've have seen them evolve, but with the constants of ergonomic design, great craftsmanship, superb customer service and value for money. They just feel great in the hand compared to their competitors and get great results clinically.

Benjamin MuirB.Sc. Chiro. & MC

IASTM has taken my career in manual therapy to a whole new level. The Myofascial Pro Set III has paid for itself in one month. Dr. Matt was great in answering my questions prior to purchase and I could not be happier with these quality tools. Thank you.

Jeff KennedyLMT

​I use the longer bar quite a bit on larger muscle groups like upper traps, quads, calves and IT bands. I find this one very useful.


Better equipped for hands than Graston tools.

Odessa Torres

Greater effectiveness with adhesion/scar tissue breakdown, saving my hands from some hard work.

Myo-Bar Customer

I prefer them to Smart Tools.

Caly Fiallos

I feel I can offer my clients another type of treatment which can be implemented easily in their session. Clients notice an instant reduction in pain as well, which is brilliant for customer satisfaction!

LaurenPodiatric Medicine

I bought my first Myo-Bar hoping to rejuvenate my left thumb. I have been doing massage for decades and wear and tear have taken their toll on my longevity, my pain level, my ability to work as much as I need to. Myo-Bar self-treatments have changed my massage life... lengthening my productivity by 1 1/2 years so far and I'm not done yet. I have slowly integrated a short treatment here and there during massage... the tools get so much done with so little pressure and time. Thank you.. I am very satisfied and know that two other LMT's where I work use Myo-Bar also.

Pat BodnarLMT