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Try Before You Buy

I believe that holding our beautifully crafted products in your hands and trying them out first, risk free, will give you the confidence you need to feel great about your purchase. There are many low quality IASTM tools on the market these days, and I hope you will consider that the success of your treatments and ergonomic comfort are worth a few extra dollars.
-Dr. Matt

  • How Does TBYB Work?

    The TBYB process is simple and straightforward and is offered for any purchase over $150 including custom combination sets and individual tools.  You make your order with payment information to secure the transaction, but you are not billed at this time.   We send out the order to you, which you will receive in 3-5 days in the US; 7-10 days to Canada; and 14-20 days Globally.

  • When will Payment be Drafted?

    You take your time over the next week or two and enjoy the freedom to experiment with the instruments. If you like them (and we think you will) your 1st payment will be drafted 30 days from the date you made the order.

  • And if it Doesn’t Work Out?

    Should you decide you can’t keep them, you would request a USPS return label from us. Then pack them in a Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box (available free at the post office) and send them away- all before being charged a single cent on your account.

  • Where do I Sign up?

    Choose the button on the checkout page. You will be asked to enter a log-in and password to sign up, then complete your order information. Payments, when drafted, are processed by Myo-Bar LLC's merchant account. We always have access to your Try Before You Buy payment plan should any updates, questions, cancellations, or refunds be necessary. This is the button you will click at Checkout:

  • Can I Divide the Payments?

    Yes. We include the option to divide the price into 3 equal payments over three months. We all know how important cash flow is, and this will ease any effect of a larger purchase. Just to be clear, there is no extra fee, or interest, or credit application.

  • Do You Offer This Program to International Customers?

    International Customers may take advantage of the 30 day delay in the first payment as well as the option to divide payments over three months.  However, we cannot offer return shipping overseas both due to cost and the fact that we cannot ship from a foreign country to the US.  Rest assured, we’ve had a less than 1% return rate in the ten years we’ve been in business, because nearly everybody loves our products.

  • Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?

    We want you to do most of your decision making by reading over the Benefit Pages for each of the set series, downloading the one or more of the PDF’s, and/or setting up a conversation via email or over the phone with Dr. Matt.  If you are purchasing for self-care, you probably do not need a Complete Clinic Set 3. As a general rule, the Healing Edge Series are for healthcare professionals who use IASTM instruments on a regular basis in clinical practice.  When you are treating yourself, the red grips and simple profiles of the R+ or 3-in-1 Series are ideal.

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