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G+ | Sport Med Set

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The G+ Series Sport Med Set offers the medium and large tools which are mainly used for sports medicine and/or rehab.

Tools included:

G+ Series 4-5 Tool: The G+ 4-5 tool combines medium concavity, medium concavity, and a profiled grip into a single tool. We also included a prow on the end, so you have a chisel point when you tilt the tool up for focused strokes. Used on medium anatomical targets (shoulder, forearm, calf, patellar tendon, neck, etc) with a 2-6 inch (5-15cm) stoke. G+4-5 Tool Dimensions:  8" long x 1-1/4" wide x 1/4" thick.

G+ Series 1 Tool: Includes traditional long concavity for applying edge strokes to large anatomical targets (Traps, E. Spinae, QL, Glutes. Hams, Quads, IT Band). A huge time saver, cover the same ground as you do with your hand contacts in half the time. Top convexity is a finished wide edge that can be used for deeper strokes, or lighter strokes over sensitive skin. Handle scallops assure a perfectly stable grip. G+1 Bar Dimensions: 14" long x 1" wide x 3/8" thick.

Extras Included:  Myofascial Oil & Cleaner Samples; FDA Clean Surface Organizer Tray (compare to unsanitary foam organizers); Cordura Zipper Travel Case; 45 page IASTM Technique Primer PDF Download; Free Priority Shipping in the US (Discounted $20 International Shipping).

R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative
R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative

Buy With Absolute Confidence

American Made Quality, from Southwest Wisconsin. We are not re-sellers of imports... we are here to support both the clinical use and our manufactures lifetime warranty (which includes free refurbishment for any reason). Before the lifetime warranty kicks in, you have a 45 day “for any reason” 100% money back return guarantee.

No Redundancy of Tools or Profiles. Myo-Bar profiles are original, individually handcrafted, and scaled to anatomy so that only one instrument is usually necessary for a given treatment area. Many competitor sets have redundant "shapes." Extra tools are a waste of money if they don't perform a unique application.

Improved Ergonomics. Myo-Bar incorporates balance points and grip features in every single product. Familiar Gua Sha and Graston profiles were terrible to grip, often slipping out of the hand or causing fatigue in the fingers.

Better Results with Superior Edge Finish. Each 304 solid stainless steel instrument is hand finished to perfection so that each edge has a micro-radius and transitions between profile features are smooth. This prevents abrasion and injury to the skin and assures maximum comfort and superior clinical results.

Clinical Support. Dr. Matthew Hajzl, designer of all the Myo-Bar profiles and soft tissue practitioner for 20 years offers a Technique Primer and is available by email or phone when you need guidance with your treatment for any reason.

Free Extras. FDA approved sanitary tray/tool organizer + 40 page PDF Technique Primer. All sets of two or more tools include Cordura® zipper case with embroidered logo. Myofascial oil & cleaner samples for domestic orders.

G+ Series Info

R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative

Graston Tool Comparison

We’ve made ergonomic & efficiency improvements to traditional single bevel profiles to create the best Graston alternative set on the market.

R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative

Ergonomics Comparison

We have addressed the ergonomics & handling of the traditional profiles with new balance points and non-slip profile grips. Better control improves treatments while reducing the strain on the practitioner's hands/wrists.

R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative

G+ Series Technique Primer

An updated introduction to IASTM current with the scientific literature- an “open source” guide for free use by any profession, technique school, or continuing education program.  The Primer is 45 pages in length and includes easy to understand sections on 4 basic and 4 advanced technique strokes along with  clinical tips for commonly treated conditions

R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative

Beyond Graston Tool Analogs

G+ Series tools are perfect for those already familiar with Graston Tools traditional single bevel profiles or when the continuity of instruments is necessary for larger clinics. Myo-Bar offers additional Double Bevel profiles and specialty tools in our Healing Edge Series, catering to various segments of myofascial professionals who perform Fascial Manipulation, ART, Gua Sha, Trigger Point Therapy, and/or Structural Integration.

R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative
R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative
R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative