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Healing Edge | Complete Clinic Set 2

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The Complete Clinic Set II has upgraded clinical and ergonomic profile features from Graston analogs.  If you read thorough the Technique Primer or Choosing Tools PDF downloads below you will also learn about the advantages of "scale"- having the right sized instrument for the target anatomy- and also the advantages of "Large Radius Edges," in addition to traditional edges to allow deeper layer penetration of the tissue stroke without causing discomfort to the patient.  MyoBar is the only IASTM Brand that offers Large Radius Edges, a Detail Tool for fine work, and a classic Trigger Point Tool in stainless steel.

Tools included:

Healing Edge M2 Tool: Our classic Healing Edge (M) II profile has plenty of versatility packed into a beautiful instrument. Main combination “head” offers small radius/traditional edge combination of the four most common profiles (convex, concave, prow, hook). The benefit of this design is a simple “flip of the tool” switches from traditional sharper edges on the one half to the wider LRE on the other half. This allows either more intense contact into deep layers with less discomfort, or a softer approach on sensitive superficial tissues. Our “M” tool is scaled for medium anatomical targets and moderate (6-12" or 30-60cm) treatment strokes. M2 Tool Dimensions: L 8" x W 1.5" x ¼” thick.

Healing Edge S2 Tool: The (S) II tool has everything the M has, but scaled for small anatomical targets and short (1-2” or 5-10cm) treatment strokes. S2 Tool Dimensions: L 6-½” x W 1" x ¼” thick.

Advanced Practice L2 Bar: Everything great about the AP(L)I with added finger notches in the handle and a scalloped LRE Extra Long Convexity. As in the description of the reliefs for the Healing Edge III tools, the geometry of this edge allows better tracking and better inputs of mechanical force. Additionally, the middle peak can be used like an “olecranon” elbow contact familiar in Structural Integration™ and Fascial Manipulation.™ L2 Bar Dimensions - L 13.5" x W 1.0" x 3/8" thick.

Detail Tool: The Detail Tool is a favorite among CHT’s and OT’s who spend a lot of time treating the wrist and hand. The scale of this tool allows palpation and treatment of very small lesions that you will be able to find “hiding” in the transverse ligament of the wrist, the capsule of the 1st Carpometacarpal joint, or the sheath of the flexor digitorum. Also great for highly focused treatment of Medial meniscus, interosseous areas of the foot, interspinous ligaments, or “channeling/flossing” nerve paths involved in radiculopathy. Detail Tool Dimensions - L 6.0" x D 0.5".

Trigger Point Tool: This seemingly simple tool is a joy to use. Designed in the spirit of point tools from the T-Bar to the myriad of massage tools available in therapy catalogs this one is balanced easy to manipulate and offers the benefits of stainless, the most important being the ability to palpate and “feel” tissue topography through the tool. Anywhere or with any technique that a thumb or knuckle was used the Trigger Point tool will offer improved application of mechanical force, while taking the stress off your joints. Janet Travell would be pleased (we think) to have used a tool with this quality and sensitivity. TRP Tool Dimensions - L 6" x D 0.5".

Extras Included:  Myofascial Oil & Cleaner Samples; FDA Clean Surface Organizer Tray (compare to unsanitary foam organizers); Cordura Zipper Travel Case; 45 page IASTM Technique Primer PDF Download; Free Priority Shipping in the US (Discounted $20 International Shipping).

R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative
R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative

Buy With Absolute Confidence

American Made Quality, from Southwest Wisconsin. We are not re-sellers of imports... we are here to support both the clinical use and our manufactures lifetime warranty (which includes free refurbishment for any reason). Before the lifetime warranty kicks in, you have a 45 day “for any reason” 100% money back return guarantee.

No Redundancy of Tools or Profiles. Myo-Bar profiles are original, individually handcrafted, and scaled to anatomy so that only one instrument is usually necessary for a given treatment area. Many competitor sets have redundant "shapes." Extra tools are a waste of money if they don't perform a unique application.

Improved Ergonomics. Myo-Bar incorporates balance points and grip features in every single product. Familiar Gua Sha and Graston profiles were terrible to grip, often slipping out of the hand or causing fatigue in the fingers.

Better Results with Superior Edge Finish. Each 304 solid stainless steel instrument is hand finished to perfection so that each edge has a micro-radius and transitions between profile features are smooth. This prevents abrasion and injury to the skin and assures maximum comfort and superior clinical results.

Clinical Support. Dr. Matthew Hajzl, designer of all the Myo-Bar profiles and soft tissue practitioner for 20 years offers a Technique Primer and is available by email or phone when you need guidance with your treatment for any reason.

Free Extras. FDA approved sanitary tray/tool organizer + 40 page PDF Technique Primer. All sets of two or more tools include Cordura® zipper case with embroidered logo. Myofascial oil & cleaner samples for domestic orders.

Healing Edge Benefits

R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative

Healing Edge Tool Comparison

In this short video, Dr. Matt explains the features and differences of the Healing Edge I, II, & III series. Decide what profile is best for you.

R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative

Myofascial Bar Comparison

We offer 4 unique Myofascial Bars. Watch and we’ll explain the difference between the Original Myo-bar, Advanced Practice, and XL bars.

R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative

Choosing Profiles Guide

Here's a summary of the design philosophy behind the Healing Edge Series profiles for advanced soft tissue practitioners. Take your time deciding which profiles will serve you best, and please feel free to contact Dr. Matt via email or schedule a phone conversation should you desire personal guidance in choosing the right instruments for your needs.

R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative

Healing Edge Technique Primer

An updated introduction to IASTM current with the scientific literature- an “open source” guide for free use by any profession, technique school, or continuing education program.  The Primer is 45 pages in length and includes easy to understand sections on 4 basic and 4 advanced technique strokes along with  clinical tips for commonly treated conditions

R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative
R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative
R+ Series - IASTM Tools - Graston Alternative